Paul’s Team

Joseph L. Bubba, Jr.

University of Maine

Public Administration Degree

Past / Present Community Service

  • Founder of the Wayne Republican Party for the PEOPLE – 300 Republican Members (2012)
  • Co-Founder of Concerned Citizens of Wayne (2011)
  • Rotary Club of Wayne, Interact Chairman
  • Wayne Lions Club
  • Citizens Emergency Response Team
  • NJ Clean Communities
  • Lionshead Lake Property Owners Association, Governmental Liaison
  • Brittany Chase Condominium, Chairman Committee to Restructure By-Laws
  • PAL, Ridgewood Assistant Football Coach
  • Friends of Wayne Animals volunteer


Norman M. Robertson

  • As a Senator, Norm Robertson was responsible for the passage of dozens of pieces of legislation that helped Bergen County towns. Chief among these was the Robertson Amendment to the state School Construction Bill which now provides state aid up to 40% for suburban school projects. That had never been done before.
  • As a county Freeholder, Norm Robertson crafted the only tax cut budget in 43 years.
  • As a member of the State Parole Board, Senator Robertson spent his days talking with murderers, rapists, drug dealers, and gang members. In all, he conducted 20,599 release hearings. It was a tough and emotionally draining job.
  • Before he was elected to anything, Norm Robertson was active in the North Jersey community as Board Chairman of the United Way, President of a County Historical Society, as a member of a District Council of the Boy Scouts of America – and much more.

On the floor of the New Jersey Senate, one Monmouth County Republican Senator said this about Norm Robertson: “While he was here, Norman Robertson was one of our finest Senators. One of the finest that I have served with. There isn’t anybody more articulate, more forceful, more thoughtful on the floor of the Senate in either party than Senator Robertson. . . . We’re going to rename the School Construction Bill the ‘Norman Robertson School Construction Bill.’”